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3rd party advertising to your benefit

VintageAdvertising has been around since the first days of bartering. It’s only aim is to convince the seller to buy a specific product or service.

There are places for advertising (billboards, newspapers, magazines, subways etc.) that appear and constantly impact our daily lives.

The Internet is a prime vehicle for advertising. A “captive” market where even 0.02% of conversion rate results in millions of dollars. Advertisers are looking and seeking for those sites that have:

a) Thousands of daily readers/visitors

b) Readers that fit a targeted demographic


Google AdWords

Google Adwords are probably the easiest path forward to adding 3rd party advertising. Click How do I get started making money with Google AdSense? to read how to implement it.

Placement of Ads

People do not go searching for ads… except immediately after the Superbowl. In fact, most of the time they consider Ads a nuisance and get’s in there way when researching specific topics.

Ads are a necessary evil. Yes, they can be a means of passive income for your business, but hey cal also save time for your reader if that ad is targeted. And the only way they ad “knows” this is by gather information about your user – and that means cookies!

For your website, if you tactfully place the ad so that it is conveniently place to help the reader and not distract them, you can “get away” with this income stream. Do not drive your readers away! This is where you may want to watch you metrics a few months prior and a few months after.

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