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adding effective content on you website

tag lines confirms to readers what they expect – the rest of the page needs to convert them to clients

Many times logos are abstract or pictorial representations of the company. Even with logos that spells out the name, it may not clearly explain your service. This is where tag lines come in. The tag line is a clear, short message explaining the business or service.

Once you have “drawn them in”, then effective copy is going to get to them to convert. The front page, and any landing page on your website, is a critical “5-second” opportunity that you cannot mess up. So don’t! Remember, it takes a lot of skill and knowledge to create effective copy, so this could be an opportunity to hire out if you or your web designer do not have it.


Creating Tag Lines

Tag lines are snapshots of your business or service. Short, clear, to the point.

Clearly Describe Service

Describing services and products is a full time job. It takes a keen knack of human nature, prose and effective writing skills to pull it off, over and over again.

A service must provide a unique feature that set’s it apart from the competition. Explain this  – you do not need to explain in detail, but mention all the normal attributes and have the unique features “stand out like a sore thumb” so that the reader is looking for THAT feature on other websites.

Using Meaningful Images

Meaningful images are going to clearly explain your business or service, or evoke an emotion response from the reader to keep them there. There is hardly a website that you visit where a picture is not placed on the home page, but always remember, content is king!

As we mentioned before, be very careful on where you pull images to place on your website (or in your blogs). Copyright infringement is a serious crime – let not it take all your profits before you make them!

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