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affiliating with winners makes you one

Building your community, and getting paid for it!

Creating an affiliate program is a great way to both promote local (and online) retailers. This provides a dual purpose for your business:

  1. Passive income from the affiliate if the reader clicks through and buys something
  2. “Validation” that your business is meets the needs of your reader IF the affiliate programs are targeting related services or products

Readers are always on the constant watch for “fake” and “misleading” information – they see something askewed and off they go. If they see complimentary links (nationally known affiliates or otherwise) it lends a little more credence to your website.


Adding Credence to Your Website

If you are in the medical industry and you have affiliates with national recognized companies (such as US Medical Supplies, American Medical ID, Mountain Rose Herbs etc.), then users may be impressed that your website is “associated” with these large companies.

With affiliate programs you allow readers to use your website as launching sites to products or services, saving them time and energy. The other “neat” thing about affiliate programs is that are always on your site, whereas 3rd Party Ads change each time a reader comes back.

Supporting Local Companies

Supporting your local real-world community is always a good thing. However, keep the affiliates related to your business – you do not want to have unrelated services popping up.

If approached by local companies, be very tactful about accepting or declining their request. It would be perfect IF your website supports it to have a local community page to put these programs on.

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