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money, money, money – I take all forms of payment

PayPal homePeople are going to want to pay for your service, so you need to be prepared to accept it!

The most successful online merchants allows customers to use PayPal. You need to have a really, really good reason to use another online merchant to handle all your transactions since PayPal provides some very simply and wide variety of payment options to your customers. And chances are your customers have already used PayPal to pay for other services out there… haven’t you?

This website strives to provide the simplest solution and PaypPl is our choice. However, when it comes to people’s money you and their choices may choose another industry standard. Choose wisely and ensure that you can implement which ever solution easily.


Compare Payment Options

The 3 primary options you have are:

    • PayPal
    • Amazon Payments
    • Google Checkout

 PayPal is by far the most used on the Internet and chances are you used it yourself. You can continue to investigate using Amazon and Google Checkout, but we recommend PayPal.

Create PayPal Account

You need to immediately create a PayPal account. Create a merchant account so that we can have a PayPal button available.

Link Options to Website Pages

This is where you have an option to process within your website (which costs extra) or go through PayPal’s website. We recommend the cheaper method since it is relatively simple and, even though it moves clients to another website, it is common practice and clients are “used to it”.

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