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Before You Start!

Product to Market

You have a service that you want to bring to market. brandITsimply helps you do this with a very systematic process, built entirely on your current and future business requirements. However, mew small business owners should not approach this phase of their marketing until they have a handle on what’s all involved in starting a new business.

We want you to succeed and we do not want you to invest in technology that may be wasted if your business plan is not solid enough to get your through the first few years. Our efforts, together, will build an effective online presence base on a viable, sustainable business model.


Are Your Sure?

Read through some of the blogs under the My Site category. We explain some of the trials and tribulations that we encountered during the creation of this website and for brandITsimply . All small businesses are going to run into rough patches and you need to be sure that you are going to have the fortitude and resources to get you through.


Idea Developed

How well have you developed your idea? A dream-house is just that… a dream. It only becomes a home when you start building the blueprint for your house. Have you completed all of the following:

  1. Started building a business plan
  2. Figured out the cost of your service
  3. Researched your competition
  4. Confident with your financial viability
  5. Research marketing opportunities

If you have not started or looked at some of the above, I would suggest you stop reading and prioritize your actions. Building a web presences IS critical, but you DO need a service to sell and it should be reasonably viable service that people are willing to buy. This website does not help you here… you are your own expert so “pen to paper” and come back when you think you’re ready!


Resources (team) Identified

Along with a service to provide, you probably need a team to help you do this. Depending on the depth you are willing to go, some resources may not be needed as much as others, but all should be carefully considered and consulted to work with you.

Some resources to consider are:

  1. Small Business Association (SBA)
  2. Tax Accountant
  3. Legal Advisor
  4. Financial Advisor
  5. Family & Friends
  6. IT Consultants
  7. Funds

Your idea, whether it is a service or product that you are offering, is all in your hands. Ensure that you have developed your idea far enough along so that you ready to harvest and deliver it to market.

When your service or product is ready, or getting close to being ready, then brandITsimply will help you structure a web presence to present it to your market audience.

I hope that this website can help you. If you have questions, please respond to the blogs or use the Contact form to send questions.


Where you are now

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