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blogging your way to success

BlogBlogging is the easiest and most difficult part of your social media campaign. Maybe I should say is “seems” easy, at least for those that have yet to do it.

Blogs are the key to you knowledge and opens you (and thus your company) up to the scrutiny of the general public. And when I say “general” I do mean the experts in your area, experts in grammar, and experts in “fluff-detection”. They will ungracefully do one of the following:

  1. Ignore you since you seem okay
  2. Reply with positive comments on something new that they learned
  3. Tar & feather you you trying to be “an expert” on something you have no knowledge on

Scared yet? Well, don’t be – approach blogging with a passion, still to the fact, have fun (if that’s your personality) and you will be great!


Creating Blog Topics

So what are you going to blog about? If you are not writing down topics NOW, get pen & paper and start doing so! You need a list of approximately 100 topics! Yep – and that’s 100 topics to start with… the list will start growing rapidly over the next couple of months.

Create your initial set of topics based specifically on the service your are providing – remember, people like things short and sweet on the Internet so keep topics to a page or two. If you have something very detailed (like instructions of trouble-shooting), then feel free to break this rule, but ensure that you formatting skills are up to par!

As you stroll out into the community, you are going to see questions and articles that you may want to create a topic on – go ahead and add it to the list. You may want to categorize your list as follows:

    1. Time Sensitive (i.e. issues or year-end etc.)
    2.  Functionality that can help people now
    3. Information on your service or business
    4. Information in your industry

Note that the lower priority topics pertain to your service and industry… we want to start creating more general blogs on issues and stuff that can help people improve their lives or avoid hardships. Later on, they may be more inclined to read up on your service with more interest.

Scheduling Blogs

One a week… AT A MINIMUM. But you have list of 100 topics? Great – once a day for the next 2-3 months. If you can squeeze 2 or more blogs in, then great – you are awesome!

One a week – put it on your calendar, make a promise to yourself to us that you are going to KEEP that promise. This is such an important area that can build and cement your service, you cannot let it go.

One a week. Oh, and this does NOT include the other social media accounts!

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