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brandITsimply has started!

brand Information Technology simpleToday is the day I actively pursue my dream of building something sustainable and helpful to people – ordinary folks – that do not have a “passion” for the “techy” stuff like websites, blogging and branding!


brandITsimply = brand Information Technology simply


My esoteric goal is to provide the MINIMAL about of information that allows everyone to get an online presence quickly AND  brand on their websites through blogging, documentation and presentations. It will be SIMPLE & QUICK (if you call 2 months from start to finish quick) and CHEAP (cheap if you do it yourself, that is!).

My “$$$” goal is to provide this work FOR you if you decide not to do it yourself – of course, I’ll provide information on how to get this done from other sources as well!

More blogs to come that I hope will be helpful and entertaining to everyone!

Take Care!

About Tom Joe Finnin

IT professional for over 20 years... currently working at a Fortune 100 company for last 15 years. Love to help people help themselves - let me help you create a web presence quickly and efficiently.

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