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deadlines are made to be broken

Xmas-tree-&-Macey-(3)Well, it’s Xmas Day and I have taken the week of Xmas off to try and complete my website content.

It is proving to be a very tough task and pushing me to the deadline. Pressure is where we sometimes makes mistakes. When you are being squashed against a deadline, what do you do? These are my goals for the next 5 days:

  • Limit all communications with people (and that includes cats!)
  • Confirm with client (oh, that’s me!!) what is critical
  • Implement 80-20 rule: get the content out there (80%) – fix spelling and grammatical issues later

What do I see as potential “unavoidable” distractions and how can I mitigate them:

  • Wife! I have her working 9am-9pm on Xmas (but she made me bring Xmas dinner to her and her team – 2 hours wasted of quality time there) – yes, I still love her! She is appreciative of my efforts to get this done, so when she’s home she is very patient with me!
  • Family – interrupted several times with calls from family in Ireland and New Zealand – ENOUGH ALREADY! Turned Skype off and I never answer calls when it says “UNKNOWN CALLER” šŸ™‚
  • My other jobĀ – even though I’ve taken the week off I am on call and read an email today that Mexico is working Wednesday through Friday on a high priority project and needs my assistance. This kinda sucks (technical term) but I need to sign in Wednesday and provide focused support – hopefully two 1-hour slots will be sufficient (maybe work it around lunch time)
  • Neighbors – turn the lights out and lock the front door! People put too much emphasis on social acquaintances – I’ll just tell them to send me updates on Facebook or Twitter!

Okay – this blog took 10-15 minutes. I am “justifying” this break because I realised that this is “normal” for many jobs. Deadlines are usually stretched and you should notĀ get stressed too much because of that. But that little voice in your head should tell you that immediate actions need to be taken to get to the deadline on time – so just do it!


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