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deadlines can be made – but you need to put the effort in

Published on January 6, 2013, by in My site.

I wrote a quick post on deadlines are made to be broken on Xmas day because I was way behind on getting all the content done I had originally planned by 31 Dec.


Success at a Cost

Well, needless to say is DID SUCCEED!!!  However, it was at a cost. The neighbors thought I went AWOL; my wife was busy working so no problems there; I know I have family because after turning Skype of I get a text from the sis in Ireland with “Whatever!”; and my real job suffered a little… but life goes on.

And for Macey? I had to push her away multiple times while I was work… but she always came back to me! Goes to show that tough-love always works!

Is the 80-20 Rule Really Worth It?

More importantly, the pages and supporting topics I created were “tips of the iceberg” – they did not contain the full and complete steps I wanted to provide for my readers. They do provide the high level goals that need to be addressed (and I included references to online articles and tutorials) but they are lacking in my instructions on how to implement. Disappointed, yes… getting the website complete with the 80-20 rule feels really, really good!

This is yet another lesson to be learned for all of us… setting goals need to be realistic, but be aware that “life” get’s in the way and it’s perfectly okay to take 30 minutes to sit back and figure out what it most important.

Does the Result Determine Whether a Decisions is “Good” or “Bad”?

Remember, there is NEVER a bad decision when you do… the results may indicate a wrong decision, but never second-guess yourself at the time – you’ve made a decision on the facts at hand and continued forward. That’s all you can really do in business.

I found Investing in Yourself on 28 Dec and it really helped me focused as well. Another article I really enjoyed is The end of a year is the beginning of another (FREE EBOOK OFFER) – granted that the free eBook offer helped me click (it was too late to get it!!) but Chris’s summary of his year is a good read and something each of us, starting new ventures, need to understand and take pride in not only starting, but continuing.

Good luck in your content-driven endeavors! 

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  1. hesscj

    Hey Tom,

    I just wanted to let you know that in conjunction with a promotion for discounted hosting I’m offering my ebook free today only, no purchase necessary. I don’t remember if you ended up getting it or not.

    Free Ebook Offer

    PS – you’ve got some great content here, but it looks like you’ve slowed down quite a bit. I hope you’re not stopping! Keep going! 3 months is usually the pivotal point – if you can make it past there you are much more likely to keep going.

    • Thanks for giving us the Free eBook Offer (if only for a day!) – I downloaded it and I did a very quick review of it (over 50 pages!!) and it looks really good – very clean, easy to read and seems to help anyone to build a website in WordPress very quickly.

      And thanks for the “gentle” nudge!! Yes – I’ve slowed now a bit (“real” work getting in the way) but recently am getting enthused again.

      Thanks for the comments!

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