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defining the structure of all your blog topics

Boy FishingYes, you are going fishing… and you’re going fishing for clicks!

You want, no, you need readers to click your blogs. Without clicks, you cannot get the reader to get back to your website. With no-one visiting your website, it’s pretty difficult to convert them into clients!

You need to be able to find the right watering-hole, use the correct bait FOR the correct fish, and then you need to plant that bait right in the middle of the school. If you miss any of the above requirements, then chances of a fish biting is greatly diminished.


Create Meaningful Titles

You are going to find that blog titles are the most important part of each blog, especially if you want a new reader to click on it.

The blog title needs to not only describe what your blog is all about, but it must be done in minimal words that “forces” the reader to click out of intrigue or relativity to their search. The more a title evokes an emotion, the more likely a reader is to click.

Use Meaningful or Evocative Images

Once your reader clicks, you need to hook with with an opening quote or, preferably  an image. The image can be meaningful to the topic at hand (where it is obvious and not explanation is needed), or can be evocative or abstract. If the latter, be sure that you explain the image in the first sentence or two otherwise the reader may think that you are just using images for the sake of using images.

Images can be either pictures or graphs that helps involve the visual part of the reader’s mind. If you cannot find an image, then use a quote that stands out – you want the user to “see” something compelling and then continue to “slow down” and read the rest of the article.

Create Compelling Openings

Once the user has “slowed down”, you need to get them involved with the topic. The opening paragraph is going to compel them to complete the entire blog. Explain the benefit of reading the blog, or pose critical questions that will be answered through the blog. Keep the opening paragraph to just a few sentences, enough to encourage them to finish the blog.

Describe Topic in Minimal Detail

What the heck is minimal detail? By the time readers get here, they are interested, but they only have a few minutes to get through and make a decision on whether you’re the “expert” on this topic. Use of bullet-points, sparingly use of italics and bold to pull their attention to the main points, and then a specific content that supports the topic.

In addition, you need to a conclusion sentence or two confirming the opening paragraph and, usually, a call or action for the user.  If the blog is on your own website, then it is “okay” to let them know how you can help them; if you are a guest blogger or responding to a comment on another site, then encourage them to follow through without leading them back to your website.

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