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developing an effective seo plan

Published on December 29, 2012, by in SEO.

dreamstimefree_198146---Searching-webDon’t play hard to get! If you are too far away to be noticed – move!

You do not need to sit back and wait. Online real estate is not like the real world – you CAN pick up and move, and you should. But like the real world, it takes some planning and coordination to find the right location. The location you are looking for is where your potential clients turn around and say “That’s right! I need your help!” – without them walking across the street!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means we are dealing with a living, breathing robot! And as such, we need to understand what the robot (also called spiders since they roam the web seeking out prey) needs to bring back to it’s next. We want and need to have our website pages and blogs to be appetizing to the spiders so that they come back time and time again – the more they visit, the more notice we get.


Creating  Keywords and Phrases

Keywords and key phrases are the crumbs spiders are looking for. Once they pick them up, they scurry home and regurgitate the information in the great search engine databases of Google, or Bing, or the myriad of other nests.

People are strange – they type in questions and expect answers. The reason Google is the #1 search engine is because their developers understand people the best – well, at least how they ask for information. Once a question comes in, they break the key components up and using proprietary algorithms they search their database. The results are listed in the browser for the user to select one of the top-3 links or, if it’s a slow day, scroll down down and peruse the other links before typing in another search. You want your service (or blog or website) appearing in the top 3 links.

Your SEO plan needs to include what key words and phrases are going to effectively put you at the top of the search engines.

Grouping Keywords

Your business is gear generically at promoting your service, and gaining new clients. Each page and blog you update need to include those key words and phases that can pull in the reader you want.

You are going to have a generic group of key words that present your business – they will be on all pages and blogs. Another group could be directed at promoting & supporting your service. Yet another group could be for demonstrating your expert knowledge in the service and surrounding areas.

Using Links to Drive Rankings

As you start going out into the community, you are going to start leaving comments and suggestions for people you meet. Eventually, you can start leaving links back to your page, or preferably, those that you meet will start linking back to your page from their website. How can you make this happen? You can start linking to them first and, without asking them to return the compliment, they may do the same.

Spiders love links! To them it’s like a short-cut to the next wordilicous meal! And they tell their boss at home that a certain website is gaining popularity in it’s area!!

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