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finding effective seo keywords and phrases using free online tools

Published on December 29, 2012, by in SEO.

GoogleAds-logoNo, we’re not telling you to implement Google Adwords – we want you to USE Google Adwords to find the most effective keywords and phrases for your SEO!

You are not an expert; we are not experts; the “experts” are our potential clients and the best way to find them, is to find out what they are searching for. And the best way to do that? Yep – online tools! Let the number crunching begin!


Google AdWords Keyword Tool

If you can master this tool, then it is probably all you need. Google AdWords allows you to type in words for you service and see how many people have used that particular word or phrase and what other words they used in conjunction!

GoogleAdowrd example

It looks like I will not be using web presence if want traffic coming to my site… will need to use figure out how to incorporate “best web design”!

Keyword Eye

Keyword Eye is a cool application that visually shows you the results in a cloud:

Keyword Eye example

With all the red (high Price Per Click references), look like there’s a lot of competition out there!

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a “reversed” check. It keeps track of the keywords that readers used to find you and you can search the most common and continue to build up them; the ones that are never used you can remove from the SEO plan. To use this functionality you must first add Google Analytics code to your website to start tracking data – and over time, you review your SEO plan and update the keywords – nothing is ever constant in SEO land.

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