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getting metrics from social media

GoogleAnalytics - Activity MetricsMetrics run the world… but that is just because we, as people, find it difficult to track the “real” metric: emotional satisfaction.

Everything is converted into a number. And with numbers we get metrics. Now, we live in a computerized world so metrics are really important. They are probably more important when measuring mechanical things than people reactions, so take them for what they are – METRICS!


Using Online Tools

Keeping track of your social media sites can be as simple as checking how contacts you have on each site! This is actually really useful, since you can start setting goals to increase this “membership”. Just remember that you have only persuasive power to use to gain new contacts; except for those that join to get a huge number,people are going to join if they feel like you have something to offer.

Using “Custom” Emails

Another way tracking feedback from social media sites is to use a “social media” email address. You can either assign the same “social media” email to all your accounts or have an unique one for each site.

Gauging people’s responses can be as simply as counting the emails from each site! Perhaps a more important reason to having a “social media” account is easy hand-off to other people in your business (when you hired them).

Google Analytics

Along with tracking visits to your website, Google Analytics is also integrating your social media hits within it’s data collection. This is going to probably be a one-stop shop for online metrics very soon!

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