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getting passive income for your knowledge

dreamstimefree_30406 Dollar SymbolsYou ARE the expert at what you know. There may be other people in the same industry, and may be even more experienced than you… but you are and will become the expert that people come to. Believe it, do it!

You’ve build an awesome website – it contains blogs of every conceivable part that impacts you service and your industry. Consider blogs the tip of the ice-berg; great for getting people’s notice, but lacking on the meat of the matter. This is where your expertise comes, and you can cash in on it.


Expertise Sells

When you write blogs, you are writing to demonstrate your expertise and disseminate knowledge. However, the nature of blogs mean that they cannot be long and “boring” – they are short, factual and clear.

The details behind the blog is probably more like a document. You can retain access to this document and sell it (in PDF format) for a fair price. Creating an eCommerce site and selling PDF documentation is probably the easiest form of passive income out there.

Secured Link to Database

Another “proprietary” set of knowledge could be a collection of contacts (email, locations, expertise level etc.) for your industry. You can make this proprietary by providing your own ranking system and comments to each contact making it more valuable than the yellow pages or existing industry directories.

Keeping this database secured is paramount so that the list isn’t “leaked” out.

eBooks & Videos & “Customer” Content

Similar to creating PDF files for detailed blogs, you may also author books & videos and sell them on your website. The list can be endless, but remember that you’re selling relevant information pertaining to your expertise – something people cannot find anywhere else.

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