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If a question is asked, and no-one reads it, was it still asked?

How many times have you gone to a website and found the forum empty of content… or the last comment was 3 years ago?

Is Anyone Out There

Do not let this happen with your website. You are making a commitment to create an online experience for your readers and you need to make sure that you keep that commitment.

Social Media is a Necessary Evil


If you decide to implement your social media plan, you need to pick and choose your battles. If your young & single, you can take on the fast & furious sites like Twitter and try and keep up… you need to tweet 2-3 times a week! Now, 140 characters does not seem like a lot, and there are PLENTY of stuff to write about, right? Yes & yes, but you need to balance that with the commitment you are providing to other parts of you company (liking marketing & selling your service!!) and your personal life (though, social media tends to blur that little for some, and increase it for others!


Twitter gives you plenty of opportunity to write a quick update or comment and keep on going. It for those people that jump into a conversation, made their 2 cents contribution to the party, and then leave as quickly as they came.

The importance of commenting regularly in Twitter cannot be understated. People expect you to respond as soon as they have pressed Enter! The nerve! Actually, they do not since they have already moved on, but responding to comments from other people is an important activity to building your social profile online. This is becomes critical if you are representing a service that you want to show how quick you can respond to potential customers.


The father of all social media sites (or feels like) has the most readers. It is very family oriented where you can find the next door neighbor, your grandparents and the kids getting home from soccer practice all talking about the same thing.

This media allows you to let your hair down and relax. You can write and comment a lot more “freely” here and being human is that factor that makes you a “Like” every time. When promoting your service, you’re doing so to a very diverse audience, so explain it to the youngest so that the all can appreciate the benefits!


The professional site for professional people. No “putting the laundry in” message on this site. You are now dealing with people that are busy and, though using this site semi-socially, are expecting business related information.

You services should be explained using copy and clear messages describing your services. You might be using this site for information gathering, or providing supporting information on your service.

Be Warned!

Social media sites are not malls, they’re not supermarkets, and they’re not online fish tanks. Do not expect to sell your service on these sites or catch a customer. You are merely trying to fit in with the crowd, show them that you ARE one of them and get to know them better.

Blogs & Forums

More critical that keeping up on social media sites, is keeping up on your own website blog and forums. If you are going to have a blog, then WRITE A BLOG! There is no excuse that one blog a week is not published.

To have a forum, you need some members or customers that are going to use that forum. I suggest you try it out and if no-one is using it, then quietly remove it and let your blog be your “forum”.

If a question is asked, and no-one reads it, was it still asked?

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