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image mapping your way to a professional looking web page

Want an image that you can click on? Know your way around HTML but just not a “coder”? Then you are in luck!

www.Image-Maps.com provides you the abiltiy to add links to any image AND then gives you the exact code to copy into your web page or blog!

I will provide detailed instructions at a later stage, but for techy folks it should be pretty straight-forward – just go to www.Image-Maps.com and follow their instructions.

For an example of how I used it on this website, click here.

Note: You will notice that the www.image-maps.com website has not been updated since 2009, but realize that even though you have many, many options out there, do not spend too much time in analyzing and finding the best – the first one that meets your needs will usually get the job done.

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