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keep your clients informed with a targeted newsletter

MA NewsletterYou got a structure built for your newsletter and email campaigns. Now you need content. Content is King!

Creating content for your newsletter is going to be very easy… because you have been creating at least one blog a week, right? So just grab each of those last 3-4 blogs on put them in there (summarize if you need and link back).

Oops… did you skip a few weeks? And are those blogs relevant to your audience? Or is yours a sales campaign where you have some creative copy that entices readers to click? What matters is that you have content available for each of the NEXT 3-4 (or more) newsletters! Do not wait until the day before the deadline to scramble to put a newsletter out.

Have a plan, execute the plan!


Creating Monthly Content

Each newsletter has been structure to show your brand. Your content should be fresh, audience focused, and personal!

There are many methods you can deploy here:

    • Last 4 blogs from your post
    • Summary of latest issues or news in your industry
    • Review of new related services
    • Legal & Regulatory news in your industry

Or any combination of the above!

Pick a process and stick to it for a couple of months. It may turn out that your audience may ask for new stuff that you have not realized. Figure out new content and test it for a few months and request feedback.

Your content must entice your readers to click-through to your website. You want to keep them informed on your business and convert to them to clients (if they’re not already one).

Updating Distribution Lists

Yep – we have an entire segment that we just missed sending our newsletter to… why? Because their business cads are still sitting on the desk, or you entered them your other rolodex and have not added them to the newsletter list!

We need to have one “source of record” list that we ensure that all contacts are added. This list needs to have a strong capabilities so that we can categorize the contacts and tag them for various campaigns (“no-contact”, “newsletter”, “potential client”, “vendor” etc.) And once we have this list updated we need to synchronize to any other application that needs to be refreshed. Easier said than done, but it is critical that we do not miss opportunities because of poor processes.

Scheduling Delivery

Most people receive their emails at work. So on Monday morning, everyone is busily going through their real work emails and will either postpone or delete your email. Don’t be sending emails out on Monday… schedule newsletter emails starting Tuesday afternoons… and try to not send on holidays either – people like to spend time with family and not be distracted.

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