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keeping keywords relevant to convert those that come

Published on December 29, 2012, by in SEO.

Content is, and always will be, king; SEO is just the messenger saying the king is coming

You primary goal with your website and blogs, is to provide your reader with timely, accurate and effective information. You secondary goal is using SEO keywords to rank your content.

There are a lot of misconceptions on how many keywords to use, whether too many in-bound or out-bound links are going to impact your search ranking. Impacts to search rankings are determined by the Google and other search engine developers (actually, their management). Do you not worry or be too concerned over this – any changes in how rankings are determined will result in a huge communication campaign and you will find out pretty quickly!



Keyword Relevancy

You really do not want readers coming to your site that have no reason for coming to your site. I know, I know, that is sacrilege, but you really to qualify your readers so that the number of hits results in a “converted” reader. You SEO words are critical for this to happen.

When you have a list of all keywords and phrases built, write them down and have them available for when building your web pages and blogs. You will have a small group of of words that clearly represents your business, they can be added to all pages and blogs; for specific pages, you and add words that are relevant to that page.

Keyword Search Activity

People are not searching your website; they’re searching Google’s or Bing’s database of keywords and phases. What you need to do is incorporate the reader’s search criteria in to your content and SEO. This includes common mispellings, generic words (though you may not want the ones that come up 300,000,0000 times (include it as part of a phrase) and in question-type style.

Where you are now

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