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listing your services & fees

Services-&-PriceMany times readers are searching the web for a particular service for the sole purpose of understanding the cost involved. When they get to your site, within 5 seconds they want to be able to find the services page (what you are selling) and see a price. If there is no price, then you may lose this potential client.

If your service is tough to price because of the nature of the industry, then explain it. Explain what is involved with pricing and how it can differ from client to client. When you point out all the areas that need to be reviewed before a price is provided, this can help the reader in their analysis and maybe even bookmarked your site to come back to!


Listing Services

Some small businesses have limited services – if so, list them in detail explaining the benefit of receiving that service. You want to keep the description clear, simple and concise, using bullet points where possible.

For small businesses which have a myriad of services, you may not want to overwhelm the reader. You may want to group services under related groups and allow the reader to drill down. People, in general, like to choose from between 2-5 options… any more and they tend to shy away and look elsewhere.

Services Fees

This is a topic that has haunted many small business companies. If they list prices, then will the competition see them and list their lower? Will readers think they are too high? Will Will readers think they are too low? It’s a mess, but it is not insurmountable.

You need to set a price for your service. If you have a service that can be charged by the hour, then list it. If you service is more “open-ended” and requires a meeting with the client to discuss the details, then mention that under the price column.

Even with “open-ended” services, you can have a general feel for projects and provide a range (though clients will naturally pick the low-end price for their high-end project!) You can even have a Low – Medium – High and provide examples for clients. When using “open-end” services, clearly mention immediately under the ranges that a firm price is delivered after the initial meeting(s) are done.

Everyone and every business have their opinions but at the end of the day we want clients to call us. With a price on the website you can be sure that the client calling you know that the price and that part of the “negotiation” is over. Without a price, then you need become very persuasive in explaining the price and why it is justified.

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