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FreeMind – Free Mind Mapping Software

FreeMind-Mind Mapping SoftwareWhen starting any project you have a lot of ideas flowing around and needing to be placed on the board to be organized and detailed later on.

“Mind mapping” software is a great tool to help you get to this done quickly. It also allows you to move stuff around, add more detail as it arises during conversations and basic builds an image of the project.

FreeMind is free to download and really easy to use.

The following chart is an example of how we used FreeMind to map the high level design for this website:


bITs Mind Map



As you add nodes (ideas) to the map you can click on Format/Automatic Layout  to have the colors automatically update for each depth. If you can notice the little circle at the end of each node, this implies that additional detail is “hidden” – you click on the node to expand the detail as follows:

bITs Mind Map Details

In addition to having a great visual view for the project, the software allows you to assign links to websites so that you can easily keep track of information right on the map itself. There is a bunch of icons that you can add to any node as reminders which can be very helpful.

To download the software, click here locate the Download link.

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