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if you plan to advertise, you plan to sell

Advertising is a component of your Marketing plan

The only goal of marketing is to get someone to “check out” your service. Once you have someone looking at your product, then your advertising plan comes into play so that you continue to SELL your service to them.

Without an advertising plan you are going to be spending money in places you cannot really afford.

Your advertising IS going to be the largest portion of your marketing budget. Just accept it. If not, then I guess you are just wanting to to sell your service as a hobby – and this is all well and good! However, if you are serious about selling your service to the mass market, you need to be mentally prepared to spend the money.

Do not break the bank, but do not scrimp on advertising. Learn the areas that you need to advertise and build a realistic approach to advertising your service. After you have determined your budget – increase it by at least 20%! Along the way you will get that “opportunity” that you did not plan for – and you will want to take it.



It is unlikely that you have a service that is unique and you have people seeking you out. You need to advertise to the public and you need to figure out the best way to do this.

You need to figure out the following:

    • Goals for advertising
    • Cost of advertising
    • Client market (who you trying to attract)
    • Where to advertise

Situational Analysis

From smallbusinesschron:

An advertising situation analysis provides an overview of a company’s image in comparison with similar organizations in the marketplace. A situation analysis is usually created before an advertising campaign. This piece of research provides executives with an accurate picture of consumer’ perception of both the company and its competitors. By assessing a company’s strengths and weaknesses, advertisers can focus on issues and messages that will resonate strongly with their clients’ target audience.

Strategic Planning

This section takes the goals in your appraisal and flushes out the details. You need to plan for at least 1 year what you advertising plan entails and how much it will cost.

For each goal, explain the goal in detail, how you plan to accomplish it and how you plan to measure it. These steps are not easy especially for new businesses but you must not skip this step. Research your industry and marketing/advertising to come up with a detailed strategic plan – it will prove to be a valuable tool as the year progresses.

Creative Planning

You need to stand out, but you still need to play on the same field in your industry.

You need to creatively promote your service OR the results your service provides (or both) so that clients are drawn to your service and not others. What is special about your service? How can you differentiate you service or company? You have a lot of leeway here so sit back, dream, ask what would attract you and come up with a plan to overshadow your completion.

Media Planning

From smallbusinesschron:

An advertising media plan is a strategy for marketing your business through certain media channels to achieve a business goal, such as raising brand awareness to obtain new customers. Maximizing your chances of success depends on careful research and implementation, as well as your knowledge of media buying and basic marketing strategies.

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