Your website looks great!!! Oops .. it’s already out of date! What people tend to forget is that once you have a website up and running, you have the usual maintenance that needs to be performed.

The exciting part of creating something new is now being replaced with normal business processes. You must ensure that all the following are being maintained and there is a responsible person watching and updating. The last thing you want is a prospective client stop by and see articles or blogs from the last decade.


So you have the website built… what’s missing (or maybe added as a shell by your consultant) is the details of your service.

As you are working through the business structure and building each area of your company, the most important area to start concentrating on now is the home & supporting pages of your website.

When a user gets to your page, what impression do you what them to see first time AND how can you capture their interest within 10-15 seconds of the page being loaded. This is by no means an easy fit so a little bit of effort on your part will be required.

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How do you know you’re doing well? Is it possible to understand who are getting to your website and why? And where from? Should you even care about how many people are following you?

Metrics are a much-heralded topic that can sometimes mislead unless you are a) at a certain section in your company life-cycle and b) you understand the metrics being tracked. Larger companies use metrics are indicators but for a small company they need to be “reviewed” but not necessarily acted upon (at least not yet).

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You’re selling your service and you are managing to get along. The next logical step may be to get a second line of passive income based on your website. This is where you can insert advertising banners or boxes and get your readers to click-through to a purchase, as portion of which comes back to you!

There are plenty of opportunity to get advertisers, whether it is with Google Adwords or even local affiliate programs. What you need to do is decide whether “commercializing” your website is going to be helpful or hurtful to your primary business. May not be an easy decision.

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