cloud-MAContent makes you stand out from your competition and reintroduce people to your website and other marketing material.  It takes are strong plan and a determined attitude to get a a regular newsletter out to your audience, but it is well worth the effort and energy you put in.

Web Pages

Web pages are “static” content pages that rarely change. When you built the website you would have update the pages (front page, services, etc.) with information specific for that page. Now is the time to step back and re-read what you have written.

Even though your web pages are static, there may be information on it that could change from time to time. Being on top of these changes ensures that you are not “blindsided” with people asking for something that is no longer available or listed at a different cost. These “sensitive” pages need to be reviewed periodically to ensure that the content is still meeting current objectives.

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You need a plan. This plan helps you to schedule the writing of blogs and also what topics you will be writing on. It is blogging that will help your “expert” knowledge get out to readers.

If you are reading articles online and find something that is interesting and pertinent to your area, then immediately re-tweet is, and post to Facebook & LinkedIn – this further enhances your profile as people see that you are staying up to date with information. If an article is particularly good and you can provide additional relevant information, then use this time to create a blog of add it to your blog list.

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Who reads newsletters? The clients that have brought or are using our service will read it. However, it needs to be similar to your website in that it offers topics that your readers find interesting and presented in a clean and simple format.

Newsletters are a great way of distribution up to date information on your service and similar areas.

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