GoogleAnalytics - General MetricsMetrics! A necessary evil for the small business.

Metrics must be tracked now, but for small businesses it is advisable to wait several months, even up to a year (yep – not a typo – wait at least a year) before delving into the depths of metric analysis.

Social Media

How many people are re-tweeting your comments? How many “likes” do you have in Facebook or LinkedIn? Is spending 3- 6 hours a week writing blogs, tweeting, and commenting on topics worth your time and energy.

The simple answer is “Yes!”, regardless of what the metrics are stating. You need to “visiting the community” on a daily or weekly basis to “show your face”. You service may be a once-off activity or used rarely, but you want people to think about YOU when they do need it. They are only going to know you if you are walking around making yourself know.

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Google Analytics

Metrics can be devilish if you do not have a lot of data points. After you have been gathering metrics for about 6-9 months, you should create or review your Metric plan. This plan should include the following:

    1. Determine Event Tracking
    2. Establish Measurement Goals & Frequency
    3. Review Report and Prepare Changes to Social Media Plan

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