dollar rolled upYep, I know… “monetarizing” is not a valid word, but it is very descriptive for this section.

It is really nice to have some passive income come through by “just” putting advertisements on your website. The drawbacks can be loss readerships if the ads are not placed strategically.


Exclusive Knowledge

You are selling a service. You need to demonstrate that you are an expert in this service. One way to do this is by writing blogs and commenting on other websites.

If you can build a repository of knowledge that is not (easily) available else where, then you can charge readers to look and use that information. This is by far the best way to garner a passive income and it further increases your “expert” status as people would not buy the information from just anyone!

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3rd Party Advertising

Don’t do it!!! It’s considered tacky and to get a decent income coming through you need a lot of yours readers to click-through AND make a sale.

Google Adwords and banners are the most common forms of advertising.

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Affiliate Links

Okay – this type of “advertising” is actually a good way of increasing your “expert” status if you are an affiliate for another service in the same industry. Being “affiliated” to another well-known company can automatically raise your status without people realizing it.

Many affiliate programs seen on sites is with Amazon since they have a easy process for you to insert code into your website.

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