Creating the Blueprint to Your Online Presence

veer 1850757 - ONLY FOR BITSAs a builder cannot (or shouldn’t) build a house without a plan, neither should we.

Our first step is interviewing you and asking the business questions that will define your web presence. With an intimate knowledge of your business, no-one can rebuild it online. You are the key-person is helping us build a plan.

Our questions are not the normal questions your get from other website builders. We do not work bottom-up concentrating on just the website look & feel, we work BOTH bottom-up and top-down. We need the top-down approach from the business perspective to effectively get out here and generating targeted traffic to you.


Breadth & Depth

Once we have gone through all the business questions, we know what is needed for a full online presence.

We present a list areas that ensures that your online presence is inclusive of all sectors that creates a marketing juggernaut, no matter the size of your business. Your readers will appreciate the effort you have taken, and you business will start seeing sales improve almost immediately from online conversions.

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For companies just starting out, the section explains what is involved in running a business (not just an online presence). It’s here to help you understand the costs involved and how to manage them – the last thing we want is for you miss something critical in the first few months.

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IT Resources

This website is going to help you succeed, whether you hire us as IT Consultants or not.

You have many resources available to help you. We drill down on how to choose the best resource, from Family & Friends to an online IT Consultant.

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Where you are now

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