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This section is critical to ensure that you only select those areas that you deem important for your service. Review each section below and make a determination on whether you are going to implement it as part of your IT structure.


We cannot stress the importance of branding your business. Branding encompasses more than your service and presents a common, recognizable image to your readers and clients.

Consider “branding” as the box that your service comes in – the presentation (colors, images etc.) and delivering of your brand gives your clients a sense of excitement and expectation – regardless of the service or product.

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Your trademarks are going to be your business name, website address, logo and anything else that identifies your business or service.

A trademark needs to be established as quickly as possible once your have decided to start a business. You need to do this so that you can research and understand if there are any possibility of “likelihood of confusion” with other companies and their trademarks – finding this out sooner prevents costly changes later.

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When was the last time you looked anything up in the “yellow pages”? The Internet is the ONLY way that people are going to find you. It is a prerequisite for all businesses… even “mom & pop” shops are getting in on the act. This website is dedicated to those people who “think” it is difficult to get started… it is really is not and we want to prove it to you.

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Blog Plan

Blogs are cool “features” of most websites being created today. They originally started as a means for people to quickly and easily provide updates on their lives.

Today, you can use blogs in a myriad of ways. They are effective social tools since they require minimal “skills” to add new entries and they are automatically categorized for your website. With no technical skills (to speak off), your content driven website will be with blogs.

Use blogs to provide information on services, updates, and responses to compliments and criticism. Consider blogs the “big brother” to social media.

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Social Media

Social media. I consider this section as the “chatter-box” of the internet. It never stops talking! This area is so pervasive online that you must have a social media presence AND plan to maintain that presence – otherwise you will go crazy!

If blogs are the “big brother” providing detailed content for your services, social media are the “big sister” talking about anything and everything without stopping for a breath. If you are not the “big sister” type of person, then get family & friends involved NOW or be prepared to spend every minute of your spare time developing carpal tunnel!

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No matter what anyone says, this is going to be a huge part of your budget (up to at least 10-30%) for the foreseeable future. Live with it if you want to push your service or product to the general public.

Even if you are trying to build a niche you will be spending money on travel, memberships and advertising/marketing materials. You will need to ensure that you have good software or consultants on-hand to create the initial set of materials and then plan on making changes as your service matures on the next 12 months.

Advertising will change in the first 12 months and the tricky part will be determining when you think that you have the “meat” of the plan complete so that you can “limit” future updates and concentrate on the sales portion.

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Payment Options

Yes, you WILL receive payments via credit card, and Yes, you will receive them on the Internet. Do NOT be afraid on security (at this time) – the Internet has many ways of handling transactions being processed online and you should be concentrating on how much you are going to charge rather than if it is secured. Details will be provided later on in the process.

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