IT Resources

This section tries to help you decide on the best path forward regarding your IT resources. Depending on the path you choose you may substitute resources that cost money with “sweat equity” but also involves purchasing tools.  Review each section below to get an idea on what resources you want to consider.

Family & Friends

Sometimes it’s great to have family involved in your business, sometimes it’s the worst. Rule #1 is that you need to make your business successful and using family or friends should enable this goal. Going with family normally means less monetary expense to achieve specific goals. If you are comfortable hiring family & friends AND equally comfortable discussing price and termination conditions, then this approach can be very beneficial.

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IT Consultants

Without a doubt hiring a experienced consultant will get your website and other projects completed on time and with a professional image. The key is cost. Depending on the scope and how much time you can work with the consultant. If the cost is in your budget and you are able to provide detailed scope then this path is a strong candidate.

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