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Building a User Experience

Okay – you figured out why and what you want to build. Now the real work begins with us building the framework for your web presence.

This section is really important to complete upfront – but do NOT fret if we need to go back to the drawing board at the end… there is ALWAYS re-work so remember the 80-20 rule and start hammering away!


This is arguably the most important that we will be covering – it provides a high level list of all the areas needed to present your service in a consistent and recognizable package.

We discuss each attribute of branding and provide guidelines to ensure that you cover everything before you actually start the process of building your company structure.

Please note that even though building your business structure and brand needs to be as complete as possible, do not dwell on having it perfect on day 1 – follow the 80-20% rule and get it as close as possible to your desired results. Be prepared that once your service is “pulling in the dough” that you will most likely have the funding available to really revamp and improve all aspects of your business structure – including finalizing your brand and website.

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Web Presence

For most people this is the portion that they were expecting. The website is critical to getting your service out to your clients (both current and future) and needs to be designed as accurately and completely from day 1. Remember, we want to present your service in the best possible light with minimal changes in the days and weeks going forward.

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IT Tools

Unless you’re already in IT, this is can be the most challenging area to grasp. Do not be too alarmed… many of the tools are more common than you think and for those that you are seeing for the first time can be learned with a little practice and (a lot of) patience.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is using key terms for publishing all your online content. SEO are “behind the scene” keywords that Google, Yahoo and other search engines look for and store. Readers typing questions in search engines will match their search criteria with what we have listed in our SEO fields.

This section tries to identify the common terms and keywords so that we can ensure that they exist on all pages of our website.

We also provide techniques to go looking for what people are searching for in your industry or service sector so that we include them where appropriate.

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Where you are now

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