We need to quickly complete the essence of our branding. The following areas will help attain that goal so that we can use it for all future marketing and advertising materials.

Defining the Brand

One of the must critical parts of your web presence needs careful consideration AND action. Now! Without a brand you can force the stoppage of the entire project because we need to know what and how to build based on the brand.

Things to consider are:

    • Colors
    • Logo
    • Images
    • Abstract Style
    • Contact Information

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Using the Brand

 Once you have defined the brand as much as you can, you need to use it everywhere! The following topics are covered:

    • Word Documents
    • PowerPoint
    • Advertising
    • Marketing Giveaways

The above topics are not exclusive – your service may use many other media and you need to ensure that those media have your brand all over them.

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