Search Engine Optimization This section improves your odds that your content rankings in search engines tend to the top. A strong SEO plan allows you to position yourself in the top three choices a reader has after they have searched for something appears on your website.

Note that not only do you have to consider content and SEO keywords, but running around the community and and responding and helping people are also a key ingredient. Once you have established yourself in the community, you will be surprised at how quickly people will get to know you & your content.


Develop SEO Plan

 Everywhere you look – a plan! As with all the others this is an important strategy to have down on paper so that you understand exactly where you are spending your time and why. In addition, how you gather metrics and IF those metrics need to be analyzed need to be documented.

Remember that you are planning months and years ahead with this plan, so spending time now will serve your well. People easily forget… documented plans don’t.

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Check Online Tools

This is the key to finding and selecting SEO keywords and phrases. The tools are free (for what we need to get) and are very simple to use. This section of the project IS data intensive so be prepared to spend quite a few hours or even days choosing, thinking and picking the right keywords for your site.

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Limit Phrases to Your Service

Be as specific as you can, so that you can drive those people looking for your service to your site. It is so much easier to convince a willing visitor to buy your service that a casual reader (though you like them too!!)

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