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This section describe the tools that you will need to support your business.  Review each section below to get an idea on what resources you want to consider.

Adobe Premium Design

 The Adobe products are considered to be industry standards for image editing, website design and publications. For doing your own graphics, few other applications comes as close to Photoshop in terms of functionality and “free stuff” to get the job done.

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 Keep your clients close, keep your prospects closer! CapsuleCRM is an online Customer Relationship Management application that keeps “tab’s” on customers and potential customers. You create the process (or pipelines) that works best for your company and CapsuleCRM will never let you forget!

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 Targeted marketing campaigns, newsletters, and simple emails all branded and professional looking is what makes iContact a great tool in your bag. In addition, it allows the reader to manage their own subscription so that if they decide to no longer receive emails from you, they can cancel with just a few clicks.

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 The T-accounting is still being used, but now it’s digitized. You’ll be happy, your accountant will be happy, and the IRS will still be grouchy (only less so!) Using Quickbooks to manage your accounting will save you a lot of time and energy, and it there are many tutorials out there to help with any question that you may have.

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 Say “Hello – I am the owner, and this is why my service can save you time, money and aspirins!” Camtasia allows you to talk directly with your readers and demonstrate your service in a very professional matter. It is a mini video-editing software package that records anything on your screen. You can also take video taken from your camcorder (or digital camera) and integrate it seamlessly.

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Microsoft Office

 Business standard software that most of you have already used. The use of Word and PowerPoint is pervasive in presenting information that minimal training is needed. Excel, one of the most powerful applications out there, is used for all things the you previously used a calculator for – and it does so easily, quietly, and even throws a few charts in for good measure.

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Who are you? With a Globally Recognized Avatar your picture is going to be linked to all blogs and comments you create (or have created) on the Internet. It’s a great feature that shows your readers who you are and your personality.

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Digital Camera

A picture says a thousand words. And the more you write the less people read.

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