Web Presence

This section is what your online readers will be “checking out” once they discover your service. You need to be very careful to design and implement this portion of your IT infrastructure so that it presents both your service AND your business as professionally as possible.

Click on each section below to finalize on a design for your web presence.

Web Sites

How to design and build your website can be easy or difficult depending on the tool. Using WordPress, you can have something up and running after a day or two. Branding and customizing it to your business takes a little more work that will allow you to really stand our in the crowd.

Once the website is down, you need to have content readied to demonstrate your service and expertise to the community. Once you grow your readership, keeping them informed is paramount to keeping them engaged and remembering you.

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Social Media

OMGosh! u cant b sirius! rothflmao

Yep – I am deadly serious – you have to be social! You have to go out into the community and say hello, invite people back, banter with folks and basically say “Hi!” once and a while. And there are LOADS of communities just waiting for your to show your friendly face!

Facebook: You can use this for the “grownups” and young people.  This is the classic cul-de-sac gathering where your meeting and greeting everyone and catching up on everything.

Twitter: You use this for quick updates and quick responses, no time to stop and chat, must dash!

LinkedIn: This is your corporate link to other businesses and professionals. A tad more than “water-cooler” talk, but a few steps down from formal relationships. If you are in the professional field, then you must be part of this social media.

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Services & Fees

You need to clear describe the services that you are providing so that potential clients know what they are going to get. In addition, if the prices & fees are fixed, providing them can help alleviate the need to persuade clients on the value you are providing – this can save hours of time and even cut down on the sales cycle.

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Your expertise shines through in the comments your make online. Creating blogs allows you to choose the topics and focus on skills that only you can provide. Responding to comments on other blogs or social media accounts shows people that you are involved in the community and have something to offer.

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A newsletter can be a great way of keeping in constant touch with your clients, reminding them that you are there, and it can also be a means of promoting your product. How you decide to do this depends on your service and your audience.

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