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Enable Media Replace

Published on January 14, 2013, by in Plugins.

replacing and old image on multiple pages? use Enable Media Replace plugin

Ever wanted to replace that old looking image on your pages (or posts) that you captured years ago? Found a cool modern version but cannot fathom the time and energy to go through all the pages and replace the image AND add back the links?

Replaced button image that appeared 38 times on 10 pages, WITH associated links to other pages, in under 5 seconds!

button - read_more_1tobutton-read-more


This is a COOL plugin and most definitely one for the WordPress developer!

I’ve already spent hours doing it the old way, and when I did find that “modern” button to use, I was hesitant to even pursue knowing the pain involved. Even doing the latest search I was less than optimistic at finding a solution…

WordPress plugins to the rescue again… and kudos to Marina Martin for taking the time to provide simple instructions for us to use!!

Read How to Update Existing Imagery Through Media Manager and WordPress for instructions on installing the plugin and use it.

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