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special text boxes – popping your blogs!

Special Text BoxesSpecial Text Box is a great plugin, easy to use and provides your pages and blogs with an IMMEDIATE “pop”. Not to be overused, it should definitely become part of your content plans for both your web pages and blogs.

If you have your creative juices following, Special Text Box allows and explains how you can create custom boxes that only appears on your website!

The following are the standard text boxes that are currently available:


Use these boxes sparingly and consistently through your website and blog entries. 

Black Quote

You can customize the colors in each box to meet your own brand. Choose the box that you like the most (i.e. the box icon that best meets your service) and then configure and document that box for all your web pages and blogs.


To insert a box, you first write the text information you want to display in the box. Then you highlight the text and and lick on the Insert Special Text Box icon located in the Formatting heading.

Once you have the pop-up screen available, choose the box of your choosing, customizing your box where necessary.


I love the default colors, but you can change the colors too! These boxes are very configurable for those of you who are adventurous.


Readers can collapse the boxes to hide the information – this can be useful if you present a lot of information in the box.

Quick, easy and effective – I love this plugin!

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