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using gravatar to show your profile

GravatarGravatar a simple little web application that provides a powerful little feature: it shows your picture profile on almost every comment you write on the Internet!

The premise is simple: you provide an email address (or multiple) and then you upload and assign a photo (or abstract image) to each email address. Many applications have a link to Gravatar to pull in the profile picture and display it alongside your comment.


Creating Photos

Your personality is going to dictate the photo you are going to upload. Actually, you can “change” your photo based on the email that you use when you sign up to various sites.

Adding Emails

Normally you sign up to sites with one email. If you have more than one email, then you should add them all to the Gravatar application.

Assigning Photos

For each email, you can assign an image. Assign the image the best represents you for that email. If you added your work email, you may want to add a regular photo of you; if you added your social media emails, then you might want to add a caricature or other abstract image.

Remember that your personality should show through on the image – you want the folks reading the post or comment to see you and get to know you.

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