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Microsoft-ApplicationsThe Microsoft Office products provides almost all the standard business functionality that you need. You have a word application for all documentations, excel application that is so flexible you can write code to pull data in from the Internet if you want to, and the de facto presentation application, PowerPoint.

There are free options available that are just as good where the end product is indistinguishable from the Microsoft versions, but they may lack in functionality, support and free stuff!


Microsoft Word

You are going to use Microsoft Word a lot! You are going to be creating documents ranging from contracts & service descriptions to training documents & job descriptions.

If you need a word template, it’s already created on the web someplace – and usually for free!

Microsoft Excel

If you have to do anything with numbers and calculations, Microsoft Excel is for you. It is arguably the most powerful business application out there, and easily the most flexible.

You will be using this for budgeting and forecasting, creating tables & charts, pivot charts and numerous other uses. Click Free Excel Templates And Business Plan Templates free business plan templates (be sure to click on the Excel link – they also have PDF versions too).

Microsoft PowerPoint

The most used presentation software on the planet! You can go to almost any conference, and you will see the tell-tale signs of PowerPoint.

Compare to Word & Excel, PowerPoint is also the easiest of the Microsoft applications and it shows – with minimal training (guidance, actually) you can be up and running preparing a stylist, professional looking presentation. Again, you are responsible for the content, but PowerPoint guides you through the layouts and presentation of the content that you can rarely fail.

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