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bITs-shortNow that you have built a semblance of a brand, how to we use it most effectively?

You need to incorporate your brand elements into everything! If you create anything, then the name, the colors and the logo need to be displayed where appropriate.

Now, there may be places where branding needs to be in the background, like when you are responding to comments or articles on the web (let your expertise shine through here), but even then, most likely, you are going to be referring to your email and/or website.


Word Documents

Chances are strong that you are building documentation for your service, and using Word allows you to create a seamless flow by incorporating your brand either strongly (by your logo prominently on the front page) or subtly by using your brand colors for lines or header/footer text.

It is the small details that will set you apart. However, you do not want to always remember the small details – you will get a headache and undoubtedly stuff falls through. Microsoft Word has a feature called Templates that allows you to create new documents and all the branding that you have defined within that template is automatically applied – without any though or effort from you. Use it!

Review Convert Custom Letterhead to Microsoft Word Templates for an excellent and detail step by step method of branding your word documents.

Remember to save this as a Word Template. Then you can re-use it over and over again!


PowerPoint slides are used all the time! They are easy to create presentations (for both “overhead” display and handouts) and they provide “standard” slides that formats what you need with minimal changes from you.

Review Creating Your Own Template (for PowerPoint) for a great & simple example of building your own template.


Branding Builds Trust

It is really tempting to start advertising as soon as possible after you have your service created. If fact, if your service “speaks for itself” you may not really care about branding at all!

Take a step back and relax. You are in for the long haul and you need to create a strong business process that will survive the trials and tribulations of your service (and any new services that may be developed). An advertising strategy is critical because you need to present to your potentials clients your BRAND so that they become aware of you from day 1, and TRUST you after the 200th time they see your ad.

Having a brand surrounding the message allows you to mitigate major changes going forward. At a minimum, you need a logo. Second, your colors play a major role how the content is displayed. Without these 2 elements you may be left with a “bland” ad rather than a “brand” ad.

Marketing Giveaways

People love free stuff! People love almost free stuff too!

With online giveaways, you can create something “for free” and give it away when people sign for a newsletter, or comes to your site or almost anything that makes them take notice of you. Ensure that you have “branded” your free stuff.

When you attend fairs or conferences and you have purchased a booth, then providing giveaways are using the primary pull to get people to at least walk in – hopefully they also stop and chat, and in those rare occasions they even ask about the product!

Giveaways cost money and take a fair share of your advertising budget. When you choose a giveaway you need to make sure that your logo & website are prominently displayed.

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