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Using WordPress for your website is the best choice, and only choice

WordPress LogoIf you are looking to build a website and have no idea where to start… then start with WordPress. You can create professionally looking websites in as little as a day, and be adding content immediately.

With 60 million websites, WordPress handles 17% of all websites running on the Internet(1). The companies using WordPress range from the Fortune 100 through “mom-n-pop” stores. Companies using WordPress include(2):

The New York Times, CNN, Forbes, Katy PerryPoliticalticker, UPS, GM, eBay, Sony, VW

Why are these huge corporations playing in the same sand-box with start-ups and personal bloggers? It’s simple… and commonsense:

  1. Cost Benefit

    dollar---sxc-1212414_16516141No other platform can come close to providing the functionality need at minimal cost. In fact, the hosting costs can sometimes be more that building a fully functional website.
    WordPress is constantly being updated with latest technology and trends so your website is always secure and ready to use new functionality when needed.

  2. “Technical” people no longer needed

    With minimal technical wizardry, a company can build a website using WordPress that includes pages, contact forms, blogs and forums. Updates to blogs and pages can be done by almost any person with minimal training.
    You no longer need a team of IT folks with their technical jargon hanging around to help you. You are your own boss.

  3. Plugins

    PluginsWithout a doubt, the WordPress user community have developed the plugin you need for your website – no matter WHAT you need. As of February 2013 there are(3): 23,677 Plugins with 415,522,873 downloads. That’s a lot – and it’s only the ones on WordPress.org!
    Most plugins are free, though a few do cost money, but they are easy to install and integrate into your website seamlessly.

  4. Search Engine Optimization

    With WordPress being the most prevalent Content Management System (CMS) application on the Internet, search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are easily able to “search” these websites since the structure is standard. In addition, with SEO plugins further enhancing the content of the pages and blogs, individual websites are more likely to rank higher in search engines with minimal effort on the website contributor.

  5. Content Management System(4)

    Information Technology (IT) is all about creating databases to store and retrieve data. This is IT. And it is expensive.
    WordPress has encapsulated the majority of information that people would like to save and retrieve and have “hidden” the technical details. They call it a Content Management System (CMS) and it is the most prevalent “database” on the Internet. It allows almost any person to manage the content on website pages and blogs with no HTML or CSS knowledge.

For ease of adding and updating content, access to millions of readers (thus potential customers), your company (small or large) cannot go wrong with WordPress.

The question is why we should convince you to use WordPress, the question is whether there is another platform that provides the same benefits cheaper and easier… and the answer is “no”.


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This is article was researched and written as part of an assignment for Learn Web Development. The author is a working through a course on learning the best techniques for building and maintaining websites on the Internet.


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  1. hesscj

    I LOVE WordPress. You may not easily be able to do everything you want but in my experience most people can do 95% of what they want and then it is inexpensive to get the other 5% done by a professional.

    • Agreed! I was thinking about taking a quick 3-day course to learn Dreamweaver hoping that it may enhance my web building knowledge, but the experience & research I’ve been doing indicates your are correct – the 80-20 rule where you can get 80% done easily in WP and the last remaining parts can be done by an experienced professional (if you even need them done at all!)

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