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what the heck is “brandITsimply”?

brand Information Technology simple


So is it “brand it simply” or “brand IT simply“?

It’s the latter – we want to show everyone that it is VERY easy to get things done quickly and efficiently. The name was selected as such – quickly and efficiently AND because it was not already taken as a website name!

Why “brand“?

Because in life you are what you allow your clients & readers to see. Everything you do, say and show should reflect you and your service. Eventually, you want your clients to start “seeing” your brand and immediately thinking of you (rather than the other way round).

What does “IT” mean?

It (no pun intended) stands for Information Technology – this means anything that requires some sort of knowledge outside of your service. Even this website requires some IT infrastructure – the service we are providing (i.e. checklists, information, guidance etc.) needs to be presented in some way or fashion (via a website and blog). You can consider the “IT” portion of your service everything that supports you in selling and providing that service.

Why “simply“?

Because it can be just that – done simply! And for most people just starting out we do not have a $50,000 – 100,000 budget to hire consultants or companies to come in a design everything for us. Chances are there IS an easy & cheap way to get things done quickly & efficiently to have you up & running quickly.

Will brandITsimply get me to where I am going?

Hhmm, good question! Glad you asked! The answer is a resounding “Maybe”!

The whole goal of this service is to provide you with the knowledge and tools to build an online presence for your service as quickly and cheaply as possible – within 2 months if possible. To this end we will be taking “short-cuts” and “pushing” you to follow the “80-20%” rule. You need to understand that there will be changes in future and, as such, we should not dwell TOO long in any stage of our business.

Once you have been established in your business and have the income flowing in, then you can really hire some outstanding consultants to come in and provide both aesthetic recommendations as well as improving the overall IT infrastructure.

Remember that you have a service (or product) that you are wanting to sell – keep the IT stuff simple and let people see your service as soon as possible.

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IT professional for over 20 years... currently working at a Fortune 100 company for last 15 years. Love to help people help themselves - let me help you create a web presence quickly and efficiently.

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