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working with capsulecrm – customer relationship managment

capsule-crm-logoCapsuleCRM is a Customer Relationship Management application that resides on the web.

It is used in sales and allows you to keep track of clients and potential clients bu building pipelines and cases. As with all CRM applications, you are only as good as the information your put in AND actions you take on reminders.


Updating Client Lists

Being a small business user you are gathering business cards like there’s not tomorrow (and hopefully handing them out like they are free candy!) Paper business cards can only get you so far, and writing information about the other person or company on the back can only last as longs there’s white space available.

You have already started putting your clients (and potential clients) into an online rolodex be it your cellphone, an excel file or some other client tracking application. We need a system of record, and while it is not really important what application is used, CapsuleCRM should be carefully considered.

CapsuleCRM primary focus is customer (and vendor) tracking, ensuring that you are keeping scheduled appointments, that you are following up with leads, that you are sharing leads with other people in your company! The customer list can be exported and imported so that you can use the same list in other applications (and can import lists). CapsuleCRM also creates categories so you can group contacts into clients, potential clients, vendors conference etc.

Creating Pipelines

While a happy client base is great and usually bodes well for the future, it is leads for new clients that is going to make you company grow. CapsuleCRM does this wonderfully with the use of a “pipeline”.

Every industry has its own pipeline but in general you can add milestones that fit your industry. Along with milestones, you can create “tracks” that allows individual clients (or group of clients) to be treated a little differently. And the real next feature – CapsuleCRM reminds you each week of the upcoming activities you need to do!

Following Up

Each week CapsuleCRM sends yo a list of appointments that need to be made or kept based on the pipelines and dates you entered. For many new to small =business this is critical reminder that you need to complete these tasks. Failing to do so could easily result in the potential client forgetting about you, thus a sale lost. If pipelines need to change over time, then change them but do not procrastinate on a plan that you set in motion.


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