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working with icontact – a marketing campaign application

iContactiContact is a marketing application that allows you to create campaigns to send emails to targeted audiences, as well as newsletters to all your clients.

Similar to CapsuleCRM, iContact is an application that resides on the web.

One to great features of iContact is the contact lists are totally manageable by the contact: when the contact receives an email, there is a link at bottom of the email that allows them to manage their subscription to that email – and you will be notified! This takes you out of the maintenance of these contacts.


Updating Client Lists

If you do not use CapsuleCRM, then iContact could be a good second choice for system of record for all your contacts. And the added benefit is that you will have them automatically on one or more of your lists!

iContact is a marketing application where you can create campaigns to send emails to targeted audience. You can receive statistics on when the receiver opens the email, and what links, if any, they click on.

iContact has import & export functionality so you can bring contacts in from other applications if needed.

Creating Newsletters

iContact provides templates for emails and newsletters and getting started is pretty straight-forward. You do need to configure what fields you want to track before entering contacts, but once done it is very easy to use. Once you have created your newsletter, you can copy it for the next delivery so that structure is the same, and you only need to update the content.

Even though you can choose a template, you need to have enough technical knowledge to apply your logo and brand so that everyone knows it’s you!

Creating Marketing Campaigns

If your service dictates that you create emails to sell certain products or services, then iContact does this easily and efficiently for you. Creating groups of clients mean that you can send targeted campaigns and monitor the results.

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